• Pets are allowed
    • Dangerous animals prohibited
    • Pets must be leashed and accompanied inside the campsite
    • Owners undertake to take care of their pet and its hygiene
    • It is forbidden for pets to relieve themselves inside the campsite
    • Dogs are not allowed to use the toilets, showers and swimming pool
  • The animal must be identified with the implantation of a transponder (chip) or with a clearly legible tattoo applied before July 3, 2011.
  • The animal’s vaccination card must be presented to the campsite management.
    • Potentially dangerous dogs are not accepted:
    1. Akita inu
    2. American bully
    3. Bullmastiff
    4. Doberman
    5. Argentine mastiff
    6. Dogue de Bordeaux
    7. Fila brasileiro
    8. Neapolitan mastiff
    9. Pit bull terrier
    10. Dog canary (or canary dog)
    11. Rottweiler
    12. Staffordshire bull terrier / English Staff
    13. American Staffordshire Terrier / Am Staff. Origin: USA)
    14. Japanese cough (Tosa inu)
  • Dogs are also considered potentially dangerous if they meet all or most of the following characteristics:
    1. Strong musculature, powerful, robust appearance, athletic build, agility, vigor and endurance
    2. Accentuated character and great value
    3. Short hair
    4. Chest circumference between 60 and 80 cm, height at the withers between 50 and 70 cm and weight over 20 kg
    5. Voluminous, cuboid, robust head, with broad skull and large, muscular, bulging cheeks. Large and strong jaws, robust, wide and deep mouth
    6. Broad, muscular and short neck
    7. Massive chest, broad, large, deep, arched ribs and short, muscular loin
    8. Parallel, straight and robust forelimbs and very muscular hindlimbs with relatively long legs forming a moderate angle.